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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Work Life Balance Training At Unilab

Work life balance is one of the most searched topic for corporate speaking engagements and training. It is because companies want their employees to increase productivity while decreasing stress and possibly the rate of turnover in the organization. 

MedSpeak Inc. recently invited Marlon Molmisa to speak about Work and Life Leadership for Unilab which is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines for about six decades already. The event was held last December 8, 2018 at Marco Polo Hotel which was attended by about 25 new Oncologists. 

The organizer is MedSpeak Inc. is a Philippine-based communication solutions provider for organizations in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. We aim to make our mark in the field of healthcare communications in the Philippines and in South East Asia by being the first all-Filipino agency capable of delivering globally competitive work quality and service excellence. (Source: MedSpeak Website)

Marlon Molmisa initially discussed the traditional model of work life balance and why is it impossible to attain. Instead, he explained that the new model discusses Work Life Integration. He emphasized that most of the time, we get stressed at work because we consider our work as work. Work should be part of our human system, as vocation and calling. We have to put so much love on what we are doing for us to enjoy every moment of it.

He stressed that life is about priorities and said that to attain work-life integration it is necessary to know one’s design, motivation, direction, and destination. 

One of the feedbacks that he got during the event was:
“It was very inspiring and enlightening about myself, my work style, and my personality and how to deal with stress.” - Dr. De Veyra from UST Hospital.
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