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Marlon Molmisa is the Founding President of Mzone Training and Chairman of the Elevaxion Inc., a non-profit organization that discovers and develops servant-leaders and public speakers.

He a recipient of the SARANGJE Integrity Award of Pasig Student Consumers Cooperative, University Leadership Award and Socio-Civic Award of PLPasig in 2011. He received a certificate on Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Leadership from Ateneo de Manila University- School of Government.

He has pioneered several businesses in various industries such as retail, distribution, gas and oil, health and wellness, publishing, marketing and construction. In 2010, he served as a member of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig Board of Regents.

He is the author of inspirational books, “Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka” and “The Game Plan of the Underdog.” He is also a licensed professional teacher who is now maximizing his purpose in training and public speaking.

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Top Training Programs

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Underdog Leadership

Learning the 8 great habits to build an influence and long-lasting impact.

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Decision Making and Failing Forward

Creating wise decisions and bouncing back from failures in the 5 areas of life.

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Stress-Proof Leadership

Treating your work as a calling, not just to earn but to build a legacy.

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

Bringing the employees from selfishness to selflessness is the key objective of this program.

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Selling Your Message

Sharing the practical tips on how to earn profit from speaking and book writing.

Leadership Speaker Philippines

Pinoy Ninja Team Building

A Filipino-themed, fun-filled program for any kind of organization with a multi-culture and multi-generation audience.

My Leadership Journey

Mzone Training


Founding President and CEO

He has been serving more than 300+ organizations since 2012 through various kinds of learning events such as soft-skills workshops, in-house training, team building and books publication.

Elevaxion Inc.


Lead Firestarter / Co-Founder

Founded Elevaxion and mobilized volunteers from 9 locations in the Philippines (and counting) to build a non-profit organization for servant leaders and speakers.

BGM Marketing Corp


Business Development Manager

Pioneered and developed several businesses under the BGM Corporation in terms of marketing and operations. These businesses are from various industries such as gas, health and wellness, construction, publication, and general services.

Juan Kabataan Project


Founding President

From 8 volunteers, it grew to more than 200+ volunteers in a span of 2 years. JK Project were able to reach far flung places in Rizal, Quezon Province, Tarlac, Tacloban and part of Mindanao to bring educational support to indigenous people.

PLP Board of Regents


Board Member

Initiated four (4) approved resolutions regarding students’ rights and privileges: (1) Voluntary purchasing of university and college shirts; (2) Optional joining during non-academic related tours; (3) Permanently including the students’ insurance in the University’s budget rather than getting it from the students through the student council’s budget, and (4) Making the student council officers as scholars of the university.

Pamantasan Supreme Student Council Inc.



By God's grace, Marlon received a landslide vote from all colleges in the university.

The League of PALS



Marlon founded a Christian student organization when he was in college. It's where his foundations in leadership were established.

My Latest Projects

Earning From Speaking Seminar-Workshop

November 24, 2018 / 8:30am to 5:00pm / The Legend Villas 
60 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong, 1554 Metro Manila


Speaking is now an industry. Whether we like or not, most speakers in this era, especially in our country, are starting to get professional fees from their skills and through their speaking service. 

A long time ago, speakers get talks because of passion alone. They do everything without being paid. Now, it has evolved into combining their passion while generating profit. We cannot blame them. They also added value to themselves. Their powerpoint, content, experience, clothes and preparation cost a lot. Probably, they also attended seminars and workshops wherein they paid six digits or more. Their failures and success are worth a million. Indeed, they deserve to get paid. 

Do we have same the sentiments?

If you have excellent speaking skills and you think that you can also add value to other people “but” do not know how to earn out of it, this seminar is for you. 

This learning event will reveal to you the top secrets on how you can sell your message and be sustainable while doing your passion in speaking. You will get practical and ethical tips on how you jumpstart your speaking business. More than these, we will help you discern your season as a speaker so that you will be able to minimize the risks in what you are about to take.

It has been proven. You can add value to others while earning from speaking. 


This learning event aims to give opportunities for the participants to:
  • have access to the top sales secrets of professional speakers;
  • get practical and proven system on how to get paid speaking bookings;
  • discern and decide their value/professional fee as a speaker;
  • create their own style on building and sustaining their networks; and
  • collaborate with their co-participants in building their speaking business.

When, Where, and How should I start?
The evolution of the speaking industry.
How much clients are willing to pay?
How to jump from amateur to professional speaking?

Being Popular vs. Being Known
Building Your Portfolio and Finding Your Niche
Generating Leads: Top Marketing Techniques from Professional Speakers
Negotiation: Bridging the Client’s Needs and Your Personal Value
Closing Deals: Contract or Gentlemen’s Agreement?

The Value of Personal Branding
7 Proven Habits to Get More Bookings Out of Your Talk
My Top 10 Blunders Why I Lost Clients
How to Sustain Your Speaking Business?

Sustaining the Client: Transactional vs Relational Selling
Thoughts about Collaboration: Lone Ranger or Avenger?
“Wait, there’s More” Habit
Basic Accounting for Professional Speakers

Earning Friends
Earning Experience
Earning Respect


Aspiring Speakers, Trainers, Freelances, Sales People, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Professionals, Employees, Students, and anyone who wants to jumpstart their speaking career.


1. Pay the investment fee through any Banco De Oro (BDO) Branch

Savings Account Name: Mzone Training Services
Account Number: 005540219415

2. Scan a copy of the deposit slip and send it through the online form. Link is provided on number three (3).
3. Fill out the form on this link:
4. A confirmation email will be sent to your email.  
  1. Participants may pay in full or partial (50% of the total investment fee) to reserve a slot. All payments including the down payment are non-refundable but transferable.
  2. Participants should be in full payment one week before the event.
  3. In case the slot will be transferred to another person, please inform the organizer through filling out the this form:
  4. The Organizer has the right not to accept participants or move the schedule of the program whenever it may deem necessary. 
  5. The Organizer is not liable for any delays or failures in performance under this Agreement resulting from acts beyond its control, including without limitation acts of nature, acts or regulations of any governmental, national emergency, accident, fire, lightning and the like. 


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3. Facebook Personal Message: Mzone Training (

Better Person

Maging positibo sa lahat ng bagay. Kaysa gantihan ang mga taong may ginawa sa'yong hindi maganda, patawarin mo sila. Be the better person. Hayaan mo na ang Diyos ang magtanggol sa'yo. Have an attitude of gratitude dahil tinuruan ka nilang mas maging matatag.  - Marlon Molmisa

God is Greater

People might drop bad comments against you. They might demotivate you. They might put you down. But guess what, God is greater, He is more powerful than those accusations. Kapag sinabi Niya, sinabi Niya. Kapag gusto Niya, gusto Niya. Hold on to His promises. Keep your heart pure. Fix your eyes on Jesus.  - Marlon Molmisa

Just Shy

Yung kapag may nakita kang old friend/familiar face, hindi mo alam kung babatiin mo, baka hindi ka na niya kakilala. O kaya naman, kapag may ngumiti sa'yo hindi mo alam kung mag-smile back ka, baka kasi nagkamali lang siya ng nginitian. Minsan nagiging ganyan ka rin. Hindi dahil suplado/suplada ka, nahihiya ka lang.  - Marlon Molmisa

Person of Value

Kahit ano pa man ang sabihin ng ibang tao tungkol sa'yo, hindi nila kayang baguhin ang kahalagahan mo. Your value doesn't decrease because of the inability of others to see it. Always find your security in the Lord. As long as secured ka sa sarili mo, hindi ka na dapat naapektuhan ng kumento ng iba. After all, we cannot please every one. Ang mahalaga mapangiti mo ang Master mo.  
- Marlon Molmisa


Kahit na gaano ka kalungkot o kabadtrip kahapon, alalahanin mo na tapos na iyon at parte na ng iyong nakaraan. You have another shot of being happy and doing things right today. Kaya nga "present" ang tawag sa "ngayon" dahil ang bawat araw ay regalo. Don't waste it.  - Marlon Molmisa

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