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Friday, April 6, 2018

Underdog Leadership x 2.0 Accreditation


Leadership books and seminars are one of the most in-demand track of learning in our society. This signifies that leadership skill is essential in the life of a person, whether you are building a career, enjoying your student life, pioneering a movement, or retiring from work and putting up a business.

According to a job site’s survey, applicants with high leadership skill are what employers are searching. With this skill comes the ability of a person to communicate their ideas and deal with different personalities. In reality, leaders rise above the average. Leaders have the high tendency to maximize their existence. It is because of their “influence.”

Dr. John Maxwell agrees that leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. But how can you develop our influence? How can we start if we don’t have wide connections, huge wealth, credible background or a charismatic personality?

Does the number of followers or business revenue define our leadership level? What really makes a man successful in his life journey and profession?

Underdog Leadership answers all of those questions. This program provides a counter culture approach to popularism wherein the digital followers define our value. It shares the most fundamental, most practical, most effective, and the most powerful leadership principles that a normal person can follow. 

This revolves around the 8 great habits that any person can do. These habits emphasize the need to embrace our original design - build our influence to serve and contribute positive change to this world. Service must be the end goal of influence. Great leaders always serve.


This workshop aims to give opportunities for the participants to:
  • learn the 8 great habits of great and real successful leaders;
  • get accreditation and be part of the Underdog Leaders community; 
  • connect with the other participants and speakers to explore new speaking opportunities;
  • gain from the insights and experiences of the other participants; and 
  • develop their training and speaking skills.


What is Underdog Leadership x 2.0?
The why of the leadership program
The 8 great habits of the Underdog Leader
Who are the target market / audience
The format and training styles of the program
How to teach the program in a workshop and public speaking set-up

Best public speaking exercises
Preparing for a memorable message 
Navigating through an engaging talk 
Speaking with no dull moment
Mastering your craft
Training vs. Speaking
Learning styles and Training strategies

Digital Marketing
Offline Marketing
How to get clients
Marketing and Training Ethics
Partnerships and Community


Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Professionals, Employees, Aspiring Trainers, Students, and anyone who wants to expand their influence.


1. Pay the investment fee through any Banco De Oro (BDO) Branch

Savings Account Name: Mzone Training Services
Account Number: 005540219415

2. Scan a copy of the deposit slip and send it through the online form. Link is on number 3.
3. Fill out the form on this link: https://form.jotform.me/80951458623462
4. A confirmation email will be sent to your email.  

  • Participants may pay in full or partial (20% of the total investment fee) to reserve a slot. All payments including the down payment are non-refundable but transferable.
  • Participants should be in full payment one week before the event.
  • In case the slot will be transferred to another person, please inform the organizer through filling out the this form: https://form.jotform.me/80951265023452
  • The Organizer has the right not to accept participants or move the schedule of the program whenever it may deem necessary. 
  • The Organizer is not liable for any delays or failures in performance under this Agreement resulting from acts beyond its control, including without limitation acts of God, acts or regulations of any governmental, national emergency, accident, fire, lightning and the like. 

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