Character of the Heart

God is not concerned with what we know. He is more concerned with what we should do. Do we still know what is moral or not? Do we still know the difference between the truth and the lie; the right and the wrong? Our morality is the indicator of the life that is ahead of us. It is the foundation of everything.

Kapag nasa langit na tayo, hindi naman tayo hahanapan ng diploma at certificate. Hindi tayo tatanungin ng Diyos, "Anong seminar ang mga naattend-an mo? Saang eskwelahan ka nagtapos?"

Walang masama sa pag-aaral. In fact, I always encourage young people to pursue education, feed the mind with ideas, and hone the skills. Be the best person who contributes to the progress of our nation.

Mas matatag lang kung inuuna natin ang ating puso.

As the cliché statement goes, "Knowledge and skills can be learned. But character is another thing. It is built over time. It can make or break us." :) #MarlonMolmisa

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