Team Building Facilitator in the Philippines

Looking for an effective facilitator for your corporate workshops and team building?

Mzone Training will definitely help you grow as a person and as a team! Marlon Molmisa and Mark David Cerezo are seasoned team building facilitators for corporate and other organizations.

Our core message revolves around volunteerism and 'malasakit' (compassion) which every member of the companies and organizations should have to grow individually and as a team.


His craft was recognized in the country as the "Rubberman of the Philippines." In fact, he was hailed as the 2011 Best Innovative Employee of Metro Manila, 2011 Ten Outstanding Employee of Metro Manila, 2011 Most Outstanding Public Servant in Administrative Support of Marikina, 2012 Cobra Pinoy Hero Awardee, 2013 Model Employee of Marikina, National Awardee of the 2014 Most Outstanding Volunteer of the Philippines, 2015 Tapat Dapat Modern Day Heroes of Champion Detergent Soap, and recently the Genry Lopez's Bayaning Pilipino 2016 of ABS-CBN.

1) He's Energetic

Literally and figuratively. He loves challenges! It is the only way for a person to get out of comfort zone and reach for his/her highest potentials. It requires a lot of energy to trust the uncertain future. That power is called faith. Faith is the inner value of Mark Cerezo.

2) He's Creative.

Ever since was a child, his creative juices flow like a river through his veins. That's the reason why he was able to create toys out of the things that were about to be thrown in the garbage. He transformed pieces of colorful scrap rubbers into a magnificient 6-feet tall mascot Optimus Prime, the main character of the movie, Transformers. He has already created more than 50 robot mascots, most of which won major prizes in cosplay competitions. His creativity is the same when it comes to leading people. He believes in 'creative leadership' to win the vision through collective effort.

3) He's Dynamic

Regardless of cultural background, respect binds the team together. This is how Mark works. This is also the message he wants to share in every organization. With his unique style, people will surely have fun and enjoy learning in every activity. He's able to touch the introverts and extroverts with his life changing programs.

4) He's Remarkable

People cry. People laugh. People get angry. People forgive. Mixed emotions are always the trademark of his team building facilitation. You will surely never forget him because he can create a huge mark in your heart. As the industry gets amazed by his innate talents, he is also ready to empower you! Come and experience how he trains to bring an impact to the world!


"Kahit na ang mga bagay na patapon ay may pakinabang pa rin lalo't tapat siya sa pagiging malikhain. 'Yan si Mark David RUBBERMAN Cerezo ng Marikina." - Ryan Agoncillo, Actor/Host


"Huwag ka nang dumagdag sa problema, mas maganda ay kasama ka sa pagtulong sa solusyon, kaya itong si Mark David Cerezo kasama ang kanyang Pinoy Malikhain ay certified bayaw para sa bayan."  
- Jun 'Bayaw' Sabayton, Comedian/ TV5 Personality

"More than showcasing his exceptional talent, his hands further flex to bring hope and inspiration to the youth through his various activities."
- Cong. Feliciano Belmonte Jr., Politician



Pinoy Malikhain Inc., a nominee of 2015 Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO), was founded by Mark Cerezo in 2006. Its advocacy is to teach children to recycle and save the environment through arts. It gives free arts and crafts seminars and educational puppet shows in remote schools across the Philippines.

Your professional fee and learning investment for Mark Cerezo will help Pinoy Malikhain achieve its primary mission. Invite him now and be part of this movement!


Email us at or contact 0906.2117256 0915.9443302. You may also directly fill out our contact form below. Let's talk about your upcoming Workshops and Team Building. Take your group to the next level!


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