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Friday, August 3, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions
1) How can we invite Marlon Molmisa?

You can send your invitation by filling out this online form: http://bit.ly/2iLTLgD

2) If I book him, how can I get a response?

An SMS or email will notify you about your invitation. Expect a call from our team if we have other concerns and clarifications.

3) What's the approach and mode of communication of Marlon Molmisa when he speaks?

Marlon is a Millennial, fluent in both English and Tagalog who adapts to the profile of the crowd. He makes sure to penetrate the 4Hs of his audience - head, hand, heart, habits.

4) Does he accept corporate talks?

Yes. In fact, some of the top corporations invited him already. He got a high rating from these companies.

5) What are the expertise of Marlon Molmisa?

His experiences revolve around the following: Business and Organization Development, Sales and Digital Marketing, Inspirational Leadership, Youth Empowerment, Influence Building, Personalities Profiling, Social Entrepreneurship, Teaching & Training Strategies, Values Formation, Spiritual Development, Culture Building.

6) Can we invite him for FREE? Does he offer FREE workshop and training?

It's upon the team's discretion. But in general, we would like to build the culture of generosity among our clients. Not giving what is due to the speaker would not support our core beliefs.

7) How much is the PF of Marlon Molmisa?

It would depend on the number of participants, training required, hours of learning event, and proximity of the venue. Oftentimes, Marlon does not directly negotiate with the client about his PF. Someone from our team will coordinate with you after receiving your invitation.

8) What is the payment terms?

For invitations with 1-2 months waiting time, we require a down payment to secure the schedule with Marlon. For less than a month invitation, you can pay after the speaker's talk.

9) Since Marlon is based in Manila, is he willing to travel to our area (outside Metro Manila)?

Yes, as long as the organizer would shoulder the flight/transportation costs and accommodation expenses (if overnight).

10) What if Marlon is not available on our scheduled event, can he recommend someone to be our speaker/trainer?

Yes. We have a pool of speakers, trainers, and facilitators who can accommodate your training needs. They are well equipped, qualified, and influential people who share same the core with Marlon.

11) How can I avail Marlon's books?

You can email mzone@kuyamarlon.com and/or text 0906 2117256. One of his books, Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka Version 2.0, is available at Philippine Christian Bookstores nationwide. Other books will be available at National Bookstores soon.

12) What makes Marlon qualified to be our speaker?

He has a proven and strong track of records. He has diverse, dynamic, hands-on, "more than theoretical" leadership experiences from different industries. He founded NGOs. He was awarded as a Socio-Civic Advocate. He has already lead thousands of people. He pioneered several progressive businesses. He owns his own company. He is a respected Christian leader who always gets leadership talk invitations from different sects and religious groups, namely Catholics, Iglesia ni Cristo, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, and many more. Marlon has a strong core with competence and wisdom.

13) Do you have physical office where we can visit?

Yes. We are based in Pasig and Mandaluyong. Our corporate office is located at Globe Telecom Plaza Tower 2, Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City. Since Marlon is always out of the office, you can meet him outside the office, over a cup of coffee.

14) Can I have a free consultation with Marlon?

Yes, message him on facebook. Marlon hates to "seenzone" people. He replies with the messages as soon as possible. If he's too busy, the least thing he can do is to "inbox zone" your message. He loves helping people. But please be patient with his online schedule. Sometimes, it takes a month before you get a reply.

His personal facebook account (limited friends only): https://www.facebook.com/mmolmisa
His facebook page (open for public): https://www.facebook.com/marlonmolmisa/

More questions in mind? Send it to us: mzone@kuyamarlon.com

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